Edmonton Concrete Crack Injection – Foundation Crack Repairs

Concrete Breaking and Repair
Over time, weather and weather can cause concrete slabs to develop cracks and flaws. In order to prevent cracks from spreading, it is important to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Contech Restoration Inc will ensure that your patches are smooth and even over the entire surface of the damaged area. This sometimes requires loose chunks to be broken apart or chiseled away to create a new, smooth surface.

Crack Sealants
Our team is certified to fix hairline cracks with our polyurethane injection system, which fills the crack and prevents water from leaking through. It is one of the most innovative methods and solves the problem instantly, without the need for repeat visits from a contractor.

Types of Crack Repair
Our main focus concerning concrete cracks are foundation cracks. They are the vertical or horizontal cracks on your house or business basement or parkade. These are repaired using a flexible polyurethane resin, which is solely used for water seepage & water cut off applications.

The other kind of crack repair is structural crack repair; epoxy injection is used for this application. This type of work is for restoring the integrity of bridges, foundations, parkades, and high rises.

Crack Injection
Contech Restoration uses crack injection methods for the following purposes:
  • Concrete Shrinking
  • Outside Temperatures (Frost)
  • Corrosion of Concrete Reinforcement
  • Wrong or Incomplete Static Calculations

Crack Repair with Contech Restoration’s Packers
  • Holes are drilled at a 45° angle to meet the crack at the half of its depth (approximately 10" to 12" apart)
  • Drill Holes Form Injection Canals
  • Packers are Tightly Wedged into the Drill Holes
  • Epoxy Gel is Applied around the Packers and over the Entire Crack
  • Epoxy Gel is Left to Cure (Return Visit is Required)
  • We Use an Injection Pressure of 145 psi to 2900 psi (Depending on Building Component)

Second Visit
On the second visit, we return with two types of electric pumps. We use a cleansing pump to flush the crack with a mild phosphoric acid solution and then with clean water. This will open the channels and clean out contaminates within the crack, allowing for proper penetration of the polyurethane injection resin. Using handheld cartridge and caulking gun style systems is not recommended.

Read our FAQ to learn more about crack injection.
Large Foundation Cracks

Large Foundation Cracks
Cracks that are more than ¼” wide, horizontal cracks in walls, cracks with misaligned edges and cracks showing continuous movement will likely require a professional consultation. We recommend monitoring the crack’s length and movement by marking off the ends of the crack and making other alignment marks at various points across the crack.
Common Foundation Crack

Common Foundation Crack
Cracks are frequently found near windows in foundation walls. Keep in mind that wall cracks pose no structural concerns of foundation failure but they can cause problems with water leakage.
Foundation Crack Above Grade

Foundation Crack Above Grade
If a void is present on the other side of the crack, you will waste the polyurethane foam as it will expand into the air. The other side of the crack should be sealed first with caulk or surface sealer.
Do you have a below grade pipe penetration through a concrete wall that needs to be sealed? Contech Restoration will seal it using our water activated, two-component, polyurethane injection resin resulting in your structure being clean, dry and safe.